How to care for concrete mixing station Rainy Day Concrete mix station how to care for a rainy day, this time each storm continued, especially our most areas south of the city into a blister, which not only gave us OKI activity poses a serious disruption, more of our concrete mixer daily work station machine brought Marfa, in this rain soaked days in our concrete mixing station may still accept the relentless rain erosion, imagine our mixing plant matter what kind of a change, here for everyone Several small coup to protect our big guys: Body parts in concrete mixing station to uninstall all the work is completed to wash down the snacks snacks, if we accept the concrete mixing station is still out rain test, to give our partners to put that protective clothing , try and close contact with rain a little less indifferent we on the inside of the concrete mixing stations do not think that is completely escaped the disaster, our moisture may swoop in to attack our equipment, so that the concrete mixer the useful life of the station will be greatly reduced. Batching and mixing plant are the differences between Many people think that since the concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing equipment are concrete, then there is not much difference, at most just a big a little, just a high one low. In actual fact, but the two sets of equipment What is the difference? We came to a brief look. First concrete mixing plant and building systems difference: mixing station has five system configuration, such as material supply systems, metering system, mixing system, electrical control system components. Hot selling mini concrete mixer trucks for sale from China The mixing plant is relatively simple. Followed by stirring aggregate positions in the top floor, aggregate metered directly into the mixer; mixing station and aggregate positions in the following, subject to the aggregate measure inclined belt (also part of the use of the hoist) conveyor into the mixer . Popular speak, is the aggregate of a promotion called the floor, the second upgrade is called the station. Because the aggregate silo stirring floor above, therefore steel will be relatively large, inclined belt also opposed longer. But in the productivity, higher productivity stirring floor mixing station about one-fifth. In operation since the inclined belt mixing station frequent starts, energy consumption and the failure rate will increase, and the relatively low energy consumption and failure rate of mixing building something. Finally, due to the mixing plant production capacity is relatively small, easily removable structure, can form the container transfer site for construction site; and mixing building large volume, high productivity, only as a stationary mixing device, suitable for large-scale water conservancy projects or production of large commercial concrete supply. So customers in distinguishing concrete mixing station concrete mixing plant and from the aggregate (material) to enhance the number of production efficiency and other aspects, to buy the right equipment. Related Recommended: Stable soil mixing station concrete mixing station HZS60 HZS35 concrete mixing plant concrete mixing station Important Safety concrete mixing station Concrete mixing station in this huge body we carry out the formation of his body and its safe, easy to be a series of small problems on protection, to the detriment of human health and the use of personnel, in a reminder that CONSERVANCY special concrete mixer china Manufacturers we build on our site In the case of electricity this warm guy everywhere spared from war, the electric guy a little inattentive showed any clothes, but those hapless humans on our site, then how do we mixer at the concrete mixing station sports body? Our first do is to find a more stable concrete mixing station where he firmly fixed on our earth, followed by the mixer should want one direction stirring start is look at our power guy should be put Buddha his anger go inside the body of the earth and so on. Yangzhou Yang Machinery Factory specializes in the production of concrete mixer, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete mixing station.

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